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Silent in the Sanctuary FREE at Amazon!

silent-in-the-sanctuarykI’m just FULL of good news and GREAT deals this month!

Readers in the know, remember that author Deanna Raybourn won a RITA award for her first novel, Silent in the Grave,  featuring Victorian sleuth Lady Julia Grey. Her partnership with the enigmatic and compelling Nicholas Brisbane is part thriller and all smoldering tension as they team up to solve the mystery of her husbands dasterdly demise.

So what’s the good news? Deanna’s second book, Silent in the Sanctuary, in which Lady J and Brisbane team up again to unravel a tangle of deceit and a brutal murder at the March ancestral estate, will be available FREE in a special Amazon Kindle promotion starting Monday, February 23rd Feb until Friday, February 27th…and the GREAT deal??  You can purchase her NEW book, Silent on the Moor, one whole week in advance of it’s release anywhere else!

Ok, AND you can say, you heard it HERE first!!

Some tidbits from Deanna’s blog for all of us “Silent” fans..

  • Silent on the Moor is not the last Julia Grey book.
  • If your book club would like to set up a phone chat for Silent on the Moor or either of the previous books, e-mail me at deannaraybourn(at)yahoo(dot)com to make arrangements.
  • And speaking of book clubs, if you’d like the reading guide questions for Silent in the Sanctuary, you’ll find them HERE.
  • The top choices to play Nicholas in a potential film adaption of the book are — in no particular order because otherwise there would be a serious catfight — Hugh Jackman, Gerard Butler, Clive Owen, James Purefoy, and most recently, Javier Bardem.
  • When I really, really press women for an answer on who should play Julia, I get a half-hearted, “Oh, I suppose Scarlett Johansson would do,” and then they go back to debating how many times Nicholas should take his shirt off in the movie. (I always pictured her looking a little more like Eva Green myself, although the voice is totally wrong.)

Happy Reading, oh and feel free to share your thoughts on who should play Julia and her partner in detection…er and more, the fabulous Brisbane.



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