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FREE Valentine Book at eHarlequin.com

I have a Valentine’s gift for all of you!

We have created a special eBook, A Valentine for Harlequin’s Anniversary that not only includes a story from RITA Award winning author Catherine Mann, An Evening to Remember, BUT…..here’s the fun part…we’re including bonus content from our blog bash entries from your favorite authors in the eHarlequin.com Community!

Every year, we ask our authors to share their thoughts with us in a special blog event at eHarlequin.com. For 30 days, 30 different authors share their thoughts on a variety of topics, and have included:

1) why I believe in love
2) why I write
3) describe your favorite Harlequin moment (inspired by a book)

To celebrate our 60th Anniversary, we have gathered 60 of our favorite entries and compiled them into this special collection that will be available for free through our eBook Store at www.ebooks.eharlequin.com exclusively. You will be inspired, awed, moved and perhaps inspired to remember some special moments of your own!

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and Happy Anniversary to us!



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