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Book Expo America 2014

Neil PHIt’s coming up to that time of the year where I get the chance to lose it up close and personal, meeting authors and rubbing elbows with celebs at the annual bookgasm that is Book Expo America.  From May 29th thru the 31st, some good folks and myself from the Romance Mothership will be manning (or is that wo-manning) the Harlequin Books booth at the Javits Center in New York City during the last week of May for quite possibly the largest book trade show on earth.

Billed as the #1 book and author event in North America, I have a number of authors that I’ll be sitting down with to record podcasts and videos with this year, but having discovered that Neil Patrick Harris, Carl Hiaason and Jason Segal will be attending the fair to promote their books, it will be hard for me not to flail wildly should I appear anywhere in their proximity.  So be aware, I am not having an aneurism, I’m merely fan girling….and Neil, I want to see you too!




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In Praise of Librarians

What The Librarian Did by Karina Bliss

What The Librarian Did by Karina Bliss

April is School Library month, and tucked inside that is National Library Week from April 13-19. So in honor of librarians everywhere (and my mom :-)) I gathered up some recent and slightly older Harlequin titles featuring librarian heroines for us to enjoy. Please note there’s a selection of print and ebook to suit everyone’s reading tastes.

So if you like books, go thank a Librarian today….thanks Mom!


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Simon & Schuster to publish Gone With the Wind Prequel: Ruth’s Journey

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Debunking the Romantic Genre: A Talk with Harlequin’s Susan Swinwood

Debunking the Romantic Genre: A Talk with Harlequin’s Susan Swinwood.

Susan Swinwood

Some straight shooting from Harlequin’s Executive Editor for HQN on the state of romance today…

Susan’s detailed lecture really opened up the idea of what can be considered romantic fiction, and she made a great point: we all read it (and yes, even the guys). The theme of romance runs across a variety of genres, and we see it in almost every book we read, such as erotica (obviously), romance (obviously, again), historical fiction, young adult, science fiction, and so on. The only thing Harlequin does differently than other publishers is that it OWNS it. In all honesty, no other publishing house can claim the same prestige in one given genre the way Harlequin can with romance.

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