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Book Expo America 2014

Neil PHIt’s coming up to that time of the year where I get the chance to lose it up close and personal, meeting authors and rubbing elbows with celebs at the annual bookgasm that is Book Expo America.  From May 29th thru the 31st, some good folks and myself from the Romance Mothership will be manning (or is that wo-manning) the Harlequin Books booth at the Javits Center in New York City during the last week of May for quite possibly the largest book trade show on earth.

Billed as the #1 book and author event in North America, I have a number of authors that I’ll be sitting down with to record podcasts and videos with this year, but having discovered that Neil Patrick Harris, Carl Hiaason and Jason Segal will be attending the fair to promote their books, it will be hard for me not to flail wildly should I appear anywhere in their proximity.  So be aware, I am not having an aneurism, I’m merely fan girling….and Neil, I want to see you too!




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A Conversation with New York Times bestselling author Brenda Novak

It was SO much fun to sit down and catch up with New York Times bestselling Author Brenda Novak on her recent visit to the Romance Mothership. Watch the video interview with Brenda below, and don’t miss her latest Whiskey Creek novel Come Home to Me.



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In Praise of Librarians

What The Librarian Did by Karina Bliss

What The Librarian Did by Karina Bliss

April is School Library month, and tucked inside that is National Library Week from April 13-19. So in honor of librarians everywhere (and my mom :-)) I gathered up some recent and slightly older Harlequin titles featuring librarian heroines for us to enjoy. Please note there’s a selection of print and ebook to suit everyone’s reading tastes.

So if you like books, go thank a Librarian today….thanks Mom!


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Why Harlequin’s Logo is RED!

What does your company logo say about your brand?

Fast Company published a fascinating infographic on the use of color in corporate logos. Read the article to see how each individual colour is interpreted by consumers (complete with brand examples) Although Harlequin’s logo is omitted from this list, it seems that our graphic designer/s got it right with it’s choice of scarlet to shoot straight to the heart of our dear readers.




Red is often associated with the heat of sun and fire and is considered a high-arousal color, often stimulating people to take risks, according to color think tank, Pantone. It has also been shown to stimulate the senses and raise blood pressure, and it may arouse feelings of power, energy, passion, love, aggression, or danger.

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Welcome to The Chatsfield

Welcome to The Chatsfield

Step into the opulent glory of the world’s most elite hotel, where the clients are the impossibly rich and exceptionally famous.

For years, the children of global hotel entrepreneur Gene Chatsfield have shocked the world’s media with their exploits. But no longer! When a new CEO is appointed to bring them into line, little does he know what he is starting. Will they rise to the challenge set by a man who hides dark secrets in his past?

Your room has been reserved. Explore the hotel to discover all the passion and scandal The Chatsfield has to offer….

Don’t miss a single book in The Chatsfield miniseries! Collect all 8 fantastic titles and download the ebook prequel, coming soon.

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Get to know New York Times bestselling author Kristan Higgins!

“Higgins [offers] strong storytelling and a refreshing, sarcastic wit…thoroughly entertaining.”-People Magazine

Kristan Higgins delivers another delightful contemporary romance with her latest,  Waiting On You.  Watch an exclusive interview with the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author.

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Simon & Schuster to publish Gone With the Wind Prequel: Ruth’s Journey

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