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Game of Thrones: The Musical

Game of Thrones has gore, sex and Hodor, but it could really use a few musical numbers….Like THIS!


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Simon & Schuster to publish Gone With the Wind Prequel: Ruth’s Journey

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Name Generator: What Would Your Victorian Pen Name Have Been?


“The Victorian era in particular saw slews of women writing under male pen names, including the Brontë Sisters, who wrote as Acton, Currer and Ellis Bell, and, of course, Mary Ann Evans, who wrote as George Eliot. Of her pseudonym, Charlotte Brontë said: “we did not like to declare ourselves women because – without at that time suspecting that our mode of writing and thinking was not what is called ‘feminine’ – we had a vague impression that authoresses are liable to be looked on with prejudice.”

I would be Julian Hardy….and you?

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Amy Poehler Named Honorary Chairperson For ‘World Book Night’



Amy Poehler Named Honorary Chairperson For ‘World Book Night’

From USA Today:

Actress and comedian Amy Poehler has been named the honorary chairperson for this year’s World Book Night literary giveaway.

“I grew up loving books,” Poehler, 42, who’s best known for her roles on Saturday Night Live and Parks and Recreation, said in a statement. “People who read are people who dream, and we connect through the stories we live and tell and read.”

The third annual World Book Night U.S., to be held April 23, is organized by a coalition of publishers, booksellers and librarians. They will enlist 25,000 volunteers who give away a total of 500,000 books – mostly aimed at areas and groups where books are not that prevalent.

Et tu, Amy?

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March 28, 2014 · 7:56 PM

13 Awesome Literary Mugs

Looking for the ultimate “statement” mug for your job in publishing, or just wanting to show off your literary chops?  These mugs are for you!

Literary Mugs for Nerds

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Dog Noses Go Viral

German photographer Elke Vogelsang makes a living shooting portraits of people and pets, but she took her love of dogs down to nose level for a playful series, titled “Nice Nosing You”. By using dark lighting and a wide angle lens, Vogelsang captures an intimate perspective of (wo)man’s best friend.

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Urgent Call for Tuba Players

rob-ford-tuba1I’d chip in $100 to make this happen…

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