The New Year is here filled with new beginnings, resolutions and fresh books to read. This coming year in 2011, we have a couple of really great milestones to celebrate and I thought I’d take the time to outline a couple of them and point out our new Harlequin corporate logo. You’ll see that we’re using it across our website, community, in print, online and in retail locations with the tag line, entertain, enrich, inspire. That’s something we hope to do each and every day in our Community and do hope that you find the time you spend with us to be ALL of those things.

This year Harlequin Blaze is celebrating their 10th year of red-hot reads and we want you to be in on all the excitement with a highlight in August when we’re bringing back the Original Sexy Six, the authors who created the launch books for what would become such a popular series. Look for books from Vicki Lewis Thompson, Jo Leigh, Julie Leto, Tori Carrington, Kimberly Raye and Debbie Rawlins. Along with it’s sexier editorial the line is also known for being home for a number of firsts. Stephanie Bond wrote the first first-person Blaze, My Favorite Mistake. Susan Kearney wrote the first (and we think only) futuristic, Beyond the Edge. Hope Tarr wrote the first historical, Bound To Please and Chris Green introduced vampires to Blaze with her book, The Ultimate Bite! As Julie Leto says, “Blaze has always “blazed” trails, so this is the go-to line for something new.”

Beginning in January, Love Inspired Historical will be bringing us more of the engaging stories rich with romance, adventure and faith with a total of 4 NEW titles available every month and a new look. Book Title

Don’t forget to look for a sizzling new miniseries from USA Today bestselling author Katherine Garbera that kicks off with Taming the VIP Playboy. Katherine confesses “I’m addicted to the reality TV show Dancing with the Stars. I don’t know what it is I love about it, but I can’t resist watching it every week while it is on and using everyone’s phone to text in votes! That show is where the seeds of this story started” She says she was thinking about the couples on the show and what if a romance developed between them and a story was born. So if you’re a DWTS fan, this series is for YOU!

A Thoroughly Compromised LadyHistorical Romance author Bronwyn Scott is known for writing stories with scandal, passion and wit. She’s also one of my auto-buys and lucky for me has a new title out in January with A Thoroughly Compromised Lady. Jack and Dulci made their first appearance in Pickpocket Countess, and they just seemed to beg for their own story and that wasn’t the ONLY begging going on, LOL. Bronwyn said she’d received many letters from fans asking when it would happen. She gives us a sneak peek into their story, “Jack and Dulci are wild ones, and a grand adventure in the New World seemed like the right venue for them. When I discovered the beginnings of the Venezuela–British Guiana controversy over a shared but undefined border, I knew Jack and Dulci had found their adventure and I inserted them into history.”

And just in time for Valentine’s Day I can whole-heartedly recommend the following great new Valentine themed stories. In His Valentine Surprise by Tanya Michaels, a single dad is pleasantly surprised when his daughter enlists the entire PTA to find him a Valentine in a February American Romance. Silhouette Special Edition author Patricia Kay says that Meet Mr. Prince “is a Cinderella story and I loved that Georgie’s so stubborn and adamant about not wanting to get married or have children. Nothing is more fun than knowing a character is going to have to eat her words.” And if you’re a thrill seeker, why not dive into Deadly Valentine , from Justine Davis and Cindy Dees in two stories of whirlwind romance and danger.

Want to try a new series? Don’t forget you can try on any of our great series at to choose from over 15 FREE books to read and download.

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