We’re celebrating 10 red-hot years of Harlequin Blaze!

Harlequin Blaze is celebrating it’s 10th year of red-hot reads and we want you to be in on all the excitement!

You won’t want to miss the sizzling lineup of authors and miniseries in 2011 that you will NOT want to miss…

Starting with Rhonda Nelson’s The Rebel in December, Blaze is welcoming back the military heroes you love in fan-favorite minisieres Uniformly Hot, fueling your desire with one title per month, all year long!

New York Times bestselling author Vicki Lewis Thompson feeds your cowboy fix with a follow-up to the Sons of Chance trilogy in June, July and August. We tracked her down for a video interview recently and here’s what she had to say about the miniseries and why cowboys are HER favorite kind of hero.

And don’t forget the exclusive lineup of authors in August who have written for Harlequin Blaze for 10 years, so do stay tuned as we celebrate throughout 2011 and keep an eye out for exclusive content, and many other surprises from Harlequin Blaze.

Check out the fantastic lineup this month…

Into the Night

Kate Hoffmann gets the month off to a super sexy start with her Forbidden Fantasies story, Into the Night.Kate’s heroine avoids an unwanted marriage proposal by running away toa tropical island with a sexy stranger. Don’t you wish all of our problems could be taken care of so easily?

The Rebel

Then Rhonda Nelson re-launches the Uniformly Hot! miniseries this month with The Rebel,the first of three books featuring soldiers in the US Army. This one has it all – a fantastic hero, a heartwarming romance and a bulldog named Atticus who steals the show!

Irresistible Fortune

Wendy Etherington is up next with another one of her South Carolina specialties – Irresistible Fortune. The hero, Gavin Fortune, might be a treasure hunter…but it’s the heroine, Brenna, who wins the ultimate prize.

Caught Off GuardKira Sinclair follows with Caught Off Guard, her long awaited sequel to her first book, Whispers in the Dark. The heroine, Anne, has a family she’s avoiding, a stalker she’s running from and a bodyguard she can’t keep her hands off of. What’s a girl to do?

SEALed with a Kiss

And for those who haven’t satisfied their appetite for men in the military yet, check out Jill Monroe’s SEALed with a Kiss,the sequel to her SEALed and Delivered. And, as you can guess, the hero is a Navy SEAL. Do you really need any other reason to pick this

Jump StartAnd finally, Lisa Renee Jones introduces her Texas Hotzone miniseries this month with Jump Start.
This series features three ex-military buddies who launch their own skydiving business. And, as you can guess, these guys are so hot women don’t seem to mind jumping out of a plane now and then…

Happy Reading!



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