Sign up for Debbie Macomber Day to chat with Debbie and her editor!

Fall always spells homecomings and not just the sports kind.  There are so many wonderful holiday opportunities for families and loved ones to get together in the Fall.   Now we have a Fall homecoming opportunity for friends and fans of Debbie Macomber to get together and chat with her about her brand new book, Call Me Mrs. Miracle.

Debbie has a lot going on right now!  First, there’s the publication of her newest book, Call Me Mrs. Miracle.  Then in November, that very book will become a Hallmark Channel movie.  It’s a sequel to her first Hallmark Channel movie, Mrs. Miracle, starring Doris Roberts as Emily Merkle and James Van Der Beek (from Dawson’s Creek fame!) This year Emily (played again by Roberts) is busy working her Mrs. Miracle magic in New York City, at Finley’s the last family-owned department store in the city. And, if that were not enough, October 22nd is Debbie’s birthday!

Debbie has agreed to spend some time, on her birthday, with her favorite people—her fans.  We’re so excited to invite you to join us for this rare on-line book launch event for Call Me Mrs. Miracle, a story that is destined to become a Christmas classic.  And, we’re pleased to say that her long time editor and friend, Paula Eykelhof, will join us for an intimate, interactive chat about everything going on in Debbie’s life this fall.

So that she can get to as many fan questions as possible, you can post your questions early on her Facebook page.

This web chat event is live on October 22nd at 3:00pm Eastern time.  You need access to a computer with speakers, and you’ll need to register in advance.  So click here and register now to save your spot and join us for Debbie Macomber Day!



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