Welcome to the River, Virgin River that is….

Deep in the mountains of Northern California, nestled in the redwoods, there is a little town. It’s just a wide space in the road, really. At the heart of the town you’ll find about a hundred houses, a bar and grill, a church and a small clinic. Including the outlying ranches and farms the total population is around six hundred. It’s incredibly beautiful – the rivers are wide and deep, the trees are monument-size, wildlife is plentiful and the mountain vistas are breathtaking. But it’s not an easy place – life off the beaten track and removed from the cities and larger towns is very rural, very rugged. People have to depend on each other, sometimes to make the days a little easier to bear, sometimes for their very survival. It takes a special person to make a life there. But when people find themselves in this little town, they don’t want to ever leave.

The town is called Virgin River.

When I created this little town I wanted to focus on the strengths of the people who lived there, who loved there. They had to embody the values I personally admire – courage, loyalty, integrity, a positive view of life and not least of all, a passion for doing the right thing.

Heroes with their own roots in the military, where honor and fealty are the guts of life, stepped onto the page to be coupled with independent, driven women looking for a fresh start. I knew before I’d completed one hundred pages that this was more than one book. In story after story the men of Virgin River work together to love and protect their women and the women, strong women with vision, inspire them. Forbidden Falls marks the ninth Virgin River Novel, closely followed by Angel’s Peak and Moonlight Road. So many find a home there, so much magic happens there. I’d love to have you visit.

Welcome to the River!

Robyn Carr

Click to see the Interview with Robyn on YouTube
Visit the Virgin River site for a chance to be written into the next Virgin River book in 2011!

Learn more about Virgin River


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