Italy wins FIFA World Cup…where’s our romance pride???

As I was driving home last night I was amazed to see a lone figure walking along the side of the highway proudly flourishing a rather LARGE Italian flag in honor of that country’s FIFA World Cup win. He paced ceremoniously and somewhat unsteadily (but VERY happily) along the shoulder as the flag furled gently in the breeze …and a thought popped into my head.

Hmmm, I thought…wouldn’t it be interesting AND amazing if romance readers could similarly proclaim their love and passion for the genre? Can you imagine scores of women flying romance flags from the rear windows of their minivans and SUV’s?? DESIRE flags, LOVE INSPIRED flags…or maybe even BOMBSHELL flags!

Ok, maybe this was prompted by a recent “Harlequin incident”, or at least that’s what I call them. You know the ones where you are introduced in some social setting to someone who doesn’t know you and somehow the topic of romance literature comes up. You, of course ARE a romance reader, perhaps an author, or in my case, work for a romance publisher (2 out of 3). Usually there’s laughter and then the questions start…

1. Do you know Fabio?

2. Those are all written by a computer, right?

3. You Jayne…me TARZAN? (ok, sorry that’s just me)

Wouldn’t it just be a perfect world if we could shout to the rooftops that in the world of paperback fiction Romance holds the World Cup hands down owning over 53% of the market according to recent RWA stats?? I mean, did you know that Romance makes up 39.3% of all fiction sold? And I think that more than a few jaws would drop to know that romance generates $1.2 billion in sales each year. So why do we suffer the jabs and jibes of the romance ignoranti?? ENOUGH I say!!

Pardon me, while I go out to wave my Harlequin banner proudly while walking down the 401…..



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