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The Perils of Praline or Jayne’s Adventures in Atlanta (RWA edition)

I can’t believe it’s the big night tonite with the RITA/Golden Heart Awards counting down to just a few hours away….it’s been SUCH a whirlwind trip and we’ve been having so much fun.

So far I have managed to temporarily lose a cabful of authors, break the faucet in my hotel room, be apprehended for attempting to pass a counterfeit traveler’s cheque that turned out to be fine…(it will be interesting when ALL the editors who came down here try to use the same company issued variety to check out of this hotel tonite, can we say mass HISSY FIT??) let’s see, what else… oh, yes I broke a chair in the hotel restaurant, fell out of a cab and was accosted by a VERY happy lady leaving the Ritz. But on the upside, I got to dance with The Nora at the Harlequin Party on Friday night.

And I have the pictures to incriminate…er, prove it…but we’ll have to wait until next week when I’m back to get them up in the blog.

In the meantime, I’ve got my fingers crossed for all the wonderful ladies who’ve been nominated in the various RITA categories. In fact the hosties and I had lunch and lost some of our most active authors on the boards. Bronwyn Jameson included, and goodness we found her because she’s been nominated in THREE categories!!

Jennifer LaBrecque was with us for that ill-fated, I lost her too! She’s been nominated for her Temptation title Really Hot. Good thing I found her again isn’t it? When I think of what could have happened, I might have had to go into witness protection…I can see the headlines now:



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What makes the Sherpas dance?

Sherpas are renowned in the global climbing and mountaineering community for their hardiness, expertise, and experience at high altitudes. I don’t know why, but I tend to think of Sherpa folk as an austere people, grim in demeanor and somewhat fierce, (probably due to a too heavy diet of National Geographic and Learning Channel documentaries)…but I think just maybe, in the Spring time under the right conditions..perhaps a full moon… and especially when they fall in love…you just might see the Sherpas dancing.

Isn’t LOVE a wonderful thing?

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Ladies Who Launch: Silhouette Nocturne launches new paranormal series!

Well, the countdown is on and anticipation is continuing to build for the launch of our brand new paranormal line, NOCTURNE in October ’06.

Reader and paranormal fan Sasha Tomaszycki told us, “I love paranormals, practically eat them for breakfast. I love the made up worlds, the conflicts, and the larger than life characters. I am hoping this line will be a hit and go for a long time. NOCTURNE already has Michele (Hauf) and Caridad (Pineiro), two sure fire authors…”

It seems many of us share the same fascination judging from the conversation in the Nocturne discussion.

Tara Gavin the editorial Director for Nocturne says “I’ve been following the thread here, and I’m so delighted with all the interest in Nocturne. I love paranormal, too, and I’m really happy that I’m working on the line, and working with so many great authors and readers.”

Author Karen Whiddon is writing for Nocturne too, and we asked her if she wrote differently for the new live compared to her Intimate Moments. She told us “…not really. Just kept things dark with a tinge of Gothic, as I did in Secrets of the Wolf and to explore the paranormal elements a bit more fully. I’m having a blast and this book is a lot of fun to write.”

Maureen Child just finished writing her November Nocturne, ETERNALLY, ,and says “I had soooo much fun writing it! I absolutely love paranormals and this line is just what I’ve been waiting for!” Erica Orloff also joins the roster along with Michele Hauf, Nina Bruhns, Merline Lovelace, Cynthia Cook, Pat White, and Vivi Anna.

The writing guidelines tell us that Nocturne is looking for stories that deliver a dark, very sexy read that will entertain readers and take them from everyday life to an atmospheric, complex, paranormal world filled with characters struggling with life and death issues. We are looking for stories of vampires, shape-shifters, werewolves, psychic powers, etc. set in contemporary times. So we’re in for a dark, sexy and intense read….in fact Erica Orloff reports “In my Nocturne, the dhampir is sexy alpha as thinking, brooding male, but the vampires–at least this particular clan–are very sinister and evil.”

And what will these books look like? Michele Hauf tells us “I’ve seen the cover for my November Nocturne, and it’s pretty gorgeous. I got to peek at the December covers as well at RT, and I really like what the art department is doing…” Well, we like what the art department is doing too, and now we’re able to give you a peek at the first 2 titles by Lindsay McKenna and Kathleen Korbel…the Ladies Who Launch

Lindsay McKenna has an excerpt for UNFORGIVEN on her website and told us “I’m thrilled pink about Silhouette Nocturne! And I’m excited that I’ve been asked to write the launch book for the series.” She went on to say “The writers that are being garnered to write for this incredible (I think) series have tons of talent and have written many paranormals–so they know what they’re doing–for sure “

Kathleen Korbel begins her Daughters of Myth series for Harlequin with the launch title for NOCTURNE. Daughters of Myth tells the story of the three daughters of Mab, Queen of Fairies as they face the most perilous challenge the world of faerie has ever faced. DANGEROUS TEMPTATION is the story of Nuala, the oldest, and the human who falls into her world.”

And yes, long-time Kathleen fans, it’s the one and only ZEKE KENDALL.”

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Spicey Southern Men

I spoke with Steve, the owner of the Horseradish Grill in Atlanta today, and I swear I may have to call him back several times just to hear that Southern accent….

He’s faxing me a list of menu options for our luncheon, and wouldn’t it be fun to have us all vote here in the blog for our three choices?

Talk about interactive!!! I’ll put the choices here when I get them.

Oh, and I got the invitations to the Harlequin Party on the 28th…no Elvis suit I’m afraid.

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Italy wins FIFA World Cup…where’s our romance pride???

As I was driving home last night I was amazed to see a lone figure walking along the side of the highway proudly flourishing a rather LARGE Italian flag in honor of that country’s FIFA World Cup win. He paced ceremoniously and somewhat unsteadily (but VERY happily) along the shoulder as the flag furled gently in the breeze …and a thought popped into my head.

Hmmm, I thought…wouldn’t it be interesting AND amazing if romance readers could similarly proclaim their love and passion for the genre? Can you imagine scores of women flying romance flags from the rear windows of their minivans and SUV’s?? DESIRE flags, LOVE INSPIRED flags…or maybe even BOMBSHELL flags!

Ok, maybe this was prompted by a recent “Harlequin incident”, or at least that’s what I call them. You know the ones where you are introduced in some social setting to someone who doesn’t know you and somehow the topic of romance literature comes up. You, of course ARE a romance reader, perhaps an author, or in my case, work for a romance publisher (2 out of 3). Usually there’s laughter and then the questions start…

1. Do you know Fabio?

2. Those are all written by a computer, right?

3. You Jayne…me TARZAN? (ok, sorry that’s just me)

Wouldn’t it just be a perfect world if we could shout to the rooftops that in the world of paperback fiction Romance holds the World Cup hands down owning over 53% of the market according to recent RWA stats?? I mean, did you know that Romance makes up 39.3% of all fiction sold? And I think that more than a few jaws would drop to know that romance generates $1.2 billion in sales each year. So why do we suffer the jabs and jibes of the romance ignoranti?? ENOUGH I say!!

Pardon me, while I go out to wave my Harlequin banner proudly while walking down the 401…..


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The count down is on for Atlanta, and my nerves are starting to unravel….slowly. I managed to book a nice restaurant in the Buckhead district for the 27th called The Horseradish Grill so the community will host a lovely luncheon there for the authors who have given so freely of their time over the past year.

Plans are underway for the annual PJ Party on the Thursday night, and I’ve managed to secure invitations to the RITZ for the Harlequin soiree on the Friday evening…did I mention nerves yet?? Now I just have to find out what the theme of the party is so that I don’t inadvertently show up in something inappropriate like my Elvis suit.

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